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At Glatstein & O’Brien LLP, our lawyers represent clients throughout Colorado and the United States in all facets of the Colorado probate estate distribution process. To learn more about our firm and what we can accomplish for you — call us at 303-731-3986 or contact us online today.

Creditor Claims

Our firm assists creditors nationwide with filing claims against estates in Colorado.  The  Attorneys at Glatstein & O’Brien LLP offer a comprehensive knowledge of Colorado probate law as it pertains to creditors, creditors’ rights, and the procedural steps that must be taken when filing a claim.

Ancillary Probate Services

Ancillary probate may be necessary whenever a decedent owned property in a state other than the one in which probate was opened. Out-of-state counsel for estates that involve Colorado property can take advantage of our experience in these matters and work with us to accomplish the desired goal with minimal expense or delay.

Similarly, if you live in Colorado but own property in another state, our lawyers can help you to save your beneficiaries thousands of dollars in potential costs through proper estate planning.

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We endeavor to communicate with out-of-state clients in writing, by phone and fax, by e-mail, and by using overnight delivery services when necessary. We use the most cost effective means to communicate with our clients in light of any time constraints we are under. Our goal is that our out-of-state clients do not have to come to Colorado unless they wish to do so or a hearing is held at which they must appear personally. It is possible to request that a party be allowed to appear at hearings by telephone, and we do so frequently.

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