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At Glatstein & O’Brien LLP, our lawyers represent clients from throughout the state and from across the country with probate administration concerns in Colorado. If you are looking for an experienced law firm and for lawyers with a passion for what they do — contact us .

How Does Probate Start?

Colorado’s probate system makes it easy for almost any interested party to start the process. Our firm handles both formal and informal probate, and can help you open probate by filing the required pleadings with the court.

What Are Your Rights?

If you’ve been named as a beneficiary in someone’s will, you have the right to be treated fairly and equally by the personal representative in charge of the estate. Unfortunately, sibling rivalries, old resentments, and just plain selfishness can and do get in the way of fairness and equality. Our firm represents beneficiaries and personal representatives in disputes over unfair or unequal treatment.

What About Marital Rights?

In Colorado, you cannot disinherit a spouse. A spouse who receives very little by way of a will can make a claim for an elective share instead. The elective share for any given wife or husband will depend on the length of the marriage and tops out at about half of the estate for marriages of ten years or more. Our attorneys are experienced with handling omitted spouse situations.

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