Contested Guardianships & Conservatorships

Create A Workable Solution For Families

When a person has become legally incapable of making independent decisions and failed beforehand to create a financial or medical durable power of attorney, the court may be asked to appoint a legal guardian or conservator to manage that person’s personal and financial affairs.

Most times, the probate court will grant this power to a spouse, an adult child, a sibling of the person, or an independent third party professional. At Glatstein & O’Brien LLP, located in Denver, Colorado, we represent people during a contested guardianship and conservatorship. We facilitate resolutions of disputes that meet the needs of a disabled family member. Contact one of our attorneys to learn more about protecting a loved one who suffered a disability.

Contested Guardianship And Conservatorship Issues

Many divided families end up in court fighting over who should be appointed as legal guardian and conservator. Sometimes families work together, but many times ongoing family disputes make mutual cooperation difficult if not impossible.

Our firm assists people in a variety of contested guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. Some of the issues we handle include:

  • Whether an individual is incapacitated to the extent that a guardian or conservator needs to be appointed
  • Who should serve as guardian or conservator
  • Allegations of conservatorship and guardianship fraud or abuse

Causes Of Conservator And Guardianship Contests

Contested conservatorship and guardianship proceedings often result from long-standing divisions within a family. The primary issues for family members frequently revolve around money and control. The primary issues for the individual who is the subject of these proceedings are frequently that person’s reluctance to relinquish control and who that person wishes to make decisions for them if a guardian or conservator is appointed.

Our lawyers focus on creating resolutions in the best interest of the disabled person, while fostering family harmony to the extent reasonably possible. We seek to create workable solutions for families involved in a contested guardianship and conservatorship. For more information, contact Glatstein & O’Brien LLP. We represent families throughout the Denver metro area, including people in Boulder, the Front Range, Aurora, and Jefferson County.

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