Elder Law

Proactive Approach To Issues Involving Seniors

Our legal concerns change as we get older. Elder law is an area of law that addresses the specific needs of the elderly. Elder law seeks to prevent problems from occurring. If you fail to consider issues involving elder law an already stressful situation may become worse and more costly.

At Glatstein & O’Brien LLP, our elder law attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of legal issues related to seniors. We encourage you to take a proactive stance toward legal issues that affect you, your family and your estate. To learn more about elder law, contact one of our attorneys for a consultation.

Capable Legal Advice To Protect Your Future

Elderly individuals and their families must address a number of legal issues. It is important to speak to an elder law attorney who has a genuine concern for your family. Important elder law issues include:

  • Medicaid Planning : It is difficult to comprehend how the costs of a nursing home can destroy a lifetime of hard work and financial planning. We advise people about the importance of asset protection, irrevocable living trusts and legal gifting to family members.
  • Incapacity and Disability Planning : We provide services to allow you to plan for incapacity or disability. We prepare and execute conservatorships or guardianships, healthcare and end-of-life directives and medical powers of attorney. We work diligently to make sure that every aspect of your life will be well cared for in the event you become incapacitated or disabled.
  • Elder Abuse : Elder abuse is hard to detect but the consequences can be extremely damaging. If you suspect that a conservator or agent under a power of attorney is abusing their power, we can help. We will evaluate the situation to determine whether your agent is engaging in self-dealing or not acting in your best interest. If so, your elder law attorneys can take action to have the fiduciary removed.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: People are turning to long-term care insurance as an alternative to Medicaid. This insurance can cover nursing home, assisted living and in-home care expenses. Long-term care insurance expands your choices and protects your assets from depletion prior to your death so that you can pass on your assets to your loved ones. Long-term insurance, however, is not the best solution for everyone, as it can be expensive and the size of your estate may not support or warrant the expense.

Quick Action Prevents Future Problems

Every family should plan for the inevitable challenges associated with aging relatives. By dealing with these issues proactively, you save your family time, stress and money by dealing with issues before they become a crises.

To learn more about elder law, contact a lawyer at Glatstein & O’Brien LLP. Our firm represents people throughout the Denver metro area, including clients in Aurora, Cherry Hills Village, Englewood and Douglas County.

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