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Contesting a will may require the probate court to address issues such as diminished capacity and/or undue influence. Once a will is admitted to probate, issues regarding alleged breach of fiduciary duty, or other forms of impropriety, as well as beneficiary rights may need to be resolved before probate can be completed and the estate closed. If these are not resolved, then extended probate litigation could result.

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Challenging Or Defending The Validity Of A Will

Our firm handles contested wills for people in Colorado and throughout the United States. When the validity of a will is suspect, it is important to open probate formally. When probate is opened formally, all beneficiaries under the will receive formal notice of the probate. All parties who wish to challenge the will’s validity must do so at this point or waive their rights to later challenge the will. A probate, informally opened, subjects the will to challenges throughout the probate process.

Some of the main issues the court must resolve before a will can be probated and the estate administration takes place include:

  • Lack of Testamentary Capacity: An individual lacks the necessary testamentary capacity to execute a valid will if they fail to understand that they are creating a will, do not know the nature of their assets, or do not know their family members.
  • Undue Influence: Undue influence occurs where an individual improperly uses power or trust placed in them by a person in a way that deprives that person of free will and substitutes the other’s objective. If there is a confidential relationship, there is a presumption of undue influence, but that presumption can be rebutted.
  • Formalities Observed: If a will is not signed or witnessed in accordance with Colorado state law, it is susceptible to challenge.
  • Other reasons: Issues in regard to revocation, duress, mistake, forgery, and misrepresentation may require resolution before the court probates a will.

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