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Many individuals fail to consider what would happen in the event they are disabled or incapacitated. Not planning for your future can cause your family a great deal of heartache. It can also lead to a long court struggle about what is in your best interests. Instead of ignoring your future, you should plan for it.

The experienced elder law attorneys at Glatstein & O’Brien LLP handle all types of incapacity planning and disability planning issues. We work to inform our clients of their rights and establish planning tools that provide protection in the event of incapacity or disability. Contact our law firm or call us at 303-731-3986 to schedule a initial consultation about incapacity or disability planning.

Tools To Prepare For Incapacity

Executing a General Durable Power of Attorney protects your financial affairs and a Medical Durable Power of Attorney protects you in the event you become incapacitated and unable to make your own medical and day-to-day living decisions. Within the General Durable Power of Attorney, you can also name a guardian and a conservator to act on your behalf if necessary.

Conservators and guardians are required to act in your best interests but they may not always do so. If the agent engages in self-dealing, fraud or does not act in your best interest, we have the experience to go to court for abuse of Power of Attorney issues.

We also work on contested guardianship and conservatorships .

Ways To Prepare For Unexpected Disability

As with incapacity, a conservator and a guardian can be selected to act on your behalf if you are disabled. You can also protect your medical decisions before you are disabled by creating healthcare directives and expressing your wishes regarding end-of-life decisions. These tools allow you to express your wishes regarding your medical treatment if you are unable to speak for yourself. If you do not establish a healthcare directive, a dispute among your family can result in the court or the state legislature making the decision for you.

Substantial Experience On Elder Law Issues

The attorneys at Glatstein & O’Brien LLP have significant experience working with clients and families that are trying to protect their freedom and financial stability against unforeseen incapacity or disability. Seeing the positive impact that planning can have makes it all the more important that you consider ways to protect your future.

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