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If you have not executed a General Durable Power of Attorney, and you are deemed legally incapacitated, you will lose the opportunity to name the person you want to make important financial decisions for you. The Colorado legislature and the court will make that decision for you.

Remain In Control Of Your Life

You can remain in control of your life by simply executing a General Durable Power of Attorney naming a person to make financial decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. It’s easy, and it preserves your right to remain in control. Contact an attorney at Glatstein & O’Brien LLP.

If you find yourself or a family member dealing with a contested conservatorship proceeding, Glatstein & O’Brien LLP can represent you.

Financial Conservatorships

Without a General Durable Power of Attorney, the court will appoint a conservator when you are no longer able to make financial decisions. The conservator may be given broad power to make decisions regarding your finances.

Knowledgeable Elder Law Lawyers

People cannot stop the process of growing older, but they can decide who will make decisions for them if and when it becomes necessary. Before forcing the court to choose a conservator for you, execute a General Durable Power of Attorney.

Knowledgeable Colorado elder law attorneys will help you through the process of a conservatorship, making sure that you are informed of all of your options.

To deal with these issues proactively, contact an elder law attorney at Glatstein & O’Brien LLP for a consultation to learn more. Our firm represents clients throughout the Denver-metro area, including Boulder, Littleton, Aurora and Arapahoe County.

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